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Welcome to Star Pharmaceutical Limited Investor Relations

* Extracted from Annual Report 2017

STAR Pharmaceutical (the "Company" or the "Group") was established in 2005 and was listed on the SGX mainboard in February 2006. The Company specialises in the manufacture and sales of both western and TCM-formulated prescription drugs and has a manufacturing facility based in Qionghai City, Hainan Province of People's Republic of China ("PRC").

The Group's broad range of pharmaceutical products include antibiotics, cerebrovascular drugs and cardiovascular drugs, and other specialised drugs manufactured inhouse in various dosages and administration forms from powder injections, lyophilized powder injections, liquid injections to tablets, capsules and granules.

The Group has a well-established, extensive distribution network which supports its sales in the growing China market. These include approximately 420 distributors to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. The Group also operates 37 liaison offices established in major cities and provinces in the PRC. These liaison offices are responsible for supporting, managing and monitoring our distribution network, and help to control the way our products are handled along the distribution channels until they reach the end customers.

Our intensive Research and Development ("R&D") efforts are backed by an experienced R&D team, complemented by collaborations with research vendors in the PRC.

The Group enjoys a reputable standing in the pharmaceutical industry, as a State Level High Tech Enterprise. Over the years, it has received numerous industry awards which recognise the innovative, quality products that the Group brings to the pharmaceutical market.

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