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Develop New Products

  • Continue to broaden our product offerings by leveraging on our in-house research and our collaborative arrangements with research institutes in the PRC.
  • As at the Latest Practicable Date, we have 13 new drugs under development, of which we intend to launch five in the coming 12 months and of which two can be classified as "Category 1" drugs.

Expand Production Capability and Capacity

  • Plan to increase our production capacity to achieve higher cost savings through economies of scale and to meet the anticipated demand for our products.
  • Intend to acquire new equipment and construct additional production lines in line with our plans to develop new TCM formulated drugs.

Enhance Sales and Marketing Activities

  • Aim to continuously strengthen and increase our distribution network, as well as to enlarge our sales and marketing team.

Develop Strategic Partnerships and Seek Further Growth Opportunities

  • Intend to expand our capabilities and businesses through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and/or joint ventures which can value add to our business whenever relevant opportunities arise.